5 Free WordPress Themes For Businesses

When you are developing and starting new projects, you are always on the lookout for great easy-to-use, and especially FREE business themes. The internet is totally filled with posts like this, so we want to put our own swing to it. We don’t give too much of our opinion about it, but we will show you some examples of websites using the theme.

From my experience, nobody really cares about the introduction and verdicts about a theme, you just want to see it in action and know if certain plugins are properly integrated.


This is by far my favorite one. This has to do with the white/blue color scheme. It has a very business feel to it(duh) and it is easily editable. Also, I love the integrated icon(the ones under Features). The only downside on this theme is that the Free version is somewhat limited. But you can work around this with shortcodes. You can read all about that over here.

Below there are some websites that run OnePress for some design inspiration.

  1. https://sologtion.de/
  2. https://musclerankings.com/
  3. https://goldclassaudio.com/


This is a business theme by Automaticc (the developers of WordPress) and it look stunning. Everything works perfectly with Gutenberg and they have some explainer videos that I always appreciate.

Some sites running Stratford:

  1. https://theret.org/
  2. https://jstrust.in/
  3. https://impala.in/


Gorgeous, light weight and simple. That is Astrid theme. Almost 10.000 websites are running this theme and we all understand why. If you want to setup a website quickly and make it look good. Try this theme!

Websites that run Astrid:


Awesome theme, easy to edit and loads of info about it because it is so widely used. It has WooCommerce integration which is awesome and it is just a very quick and easy theme. It comes with a big amount of child themes which you can use, so with Hestia you can change around your designs quickly. It is however a freemium option, but with the Shortcode tutorial you can adjust everything anyway.

Hestia design inspiration:


Super light weight and Core Web Vitals optimized WordPress Business Theme. It has WooCommerce integrations and is also schema.org friendly and SEO optimized. It is also extremly low on Jquery (8kb). So this is a theme for people that dont want to speed optimize their website too much.

Rishi design inspiration:


When you want to start a business, you need a website. WordPress and it’s free themes makes it super easy to setup a quick and professional looking business website. I hope with these themes you can start your business even quicker.